#4: Moving Because of Mold


Moving Companies are hired every day for all kinds of reasons. Mold is one of the projects where we are hired to pack certain rooms or even an entire home so contractors can treat for mold. Mold can be very dangerous to your health especially for young children, people with allergies, asthma or the elderly. Typically you only have to empty a room if there is evidence of mold in the walls, under the carpet or if there is a lot of it present. If you find mold in your home you should treat it right away to stop it from spreading. 

In very extreme cases we have to remove everything from the home while the mold remediation work is taking place. A Full Service Moving Company can remove everything and bring it to storage OR move you to a temporary home or apartment while the work is being done. If the Mold is really bad you will want to move out completely.

There are treatments for mold which range from taking care of a small problem in a bathroom with vinegar and water all the way to removing sheet rock and replacing it with new. Catching the problem early and taking action can mean not having to move out of your home while major repairs are being done.

For more information about mold causes check out this article on Realtor.org.

Have you ever had to deal a mold issue? Do you have any cleaning tips or tricks for getting rid of mold?