#3 Reason – Hire a Moving Company for Remodel

Hiring a Moving Company

Reasons to Hire a Moving Company: You don’t have to be moving to hire a Moving Company. There are other reasons why people need to move furniture out of a room. Are you getting new carpet? Getting your Hardwood Floors redone? Planning a Remodel, Painting? Small jobs like this are how a lot of home owners throw their backs out. When you aren’t used to lifting heavy pieces you are at risk of getting injured.  Call a Moving Company to move your household items on-site into the garage or other room(s) of the house not affected by the project. If you don’t have anywhere to place the furniture a Full-Service Moving Company can load everything up in their moving van and take it back to their warehouse for storage until your project is done.

With the housing market the way it is many people have chosen to remodel or spruce up their homes rather than move. You still have to pack everything up into boxes and move all the furniture out while the work is being done and many people just don’t know what to do. Contractors don’t want to move the items, painters aren’t movers they don’t have the right equipment. What happens if they damage any of the furniture? Are they covered? Hire a Professional Moving Company that is licensed and Insured to do it for you and you won’t have to worry about any of that.

If you are planning on having the Moving Company remove your items from your premises we highly recommend checking out their warehouse. Make sure you know where your items are being stored and that it is in a clean and secure storage facility/warehouse. There are many Moving Companies that do not have their own storage facilities. Check with the company and find out where their warehouse is located and drive by it doesn’t hurt to find out where they will be storing your items. It could save you some heart ache later on.

Have you ever been involved in a remodeling project that required moving your furniture out? How did you do it?

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