Moving A Home Efficiently Tip: Add Music

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Use Fun, Upbeat Music to Increase Home Moving Efficiency & Foster a Better Mood

Moving a home is generally known to be a stressful time. It is a time of renewal, change, discarding the old, and moving into the new and uncertain. The sheer physical requirements of moving a home are tiring. Now add the emotional component. It isn’t surprising that you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted when dealing with all the loose ends related to moving.

Why think about music during a home move?

Human beings are drawn to rhythm and music in widely varying forms the world over, from infancy until old age. Music brightens our world. It lifts our spirits and can change our outlook on things. It can calm, invigorate, inspire or make one nostalgic. Music is a universal language. And you can use it to your advantage during a home move.

Our advice: Put on some tunes!

When faced with a particularly distasteful moving task, like cleaning out the garage or basement, grab your iPod or your mini-speakers. Hook them up to your laptop or other favorite music system. If you have internet access, Pandora offers a way to build your own radio station with endless variety.

Blast it out! A lively salsa, peppy jazz, or just some good old fashioned rock ‘n roll will do wonders to keep your feet moving, your mind occupied with happier thoughts, and decision-making (as in what to throw out!) a breeze.

At All Reasons Moving we understand the human side of the home moving experience. Our clients aren’t robots; neither are their friends who are often on hand to help. Like plenty of good food and water, keep your movers happy and productive with rollicking tunes. After all, many companies play background music to inspire certain paces and behaviors. For example, visitors to Disneyland are hard-pressed to find a corner of the park unattended by peppy, upbeat chords. Is there any reason your home moving experience shouldn’t be at least as pleasant as the music at Disneyland?

At the final moving destination, be sure your tunes are within easy reach, too. They should be among the first thing you unpack. It’ll keep your mind clear, your feet moving and your face smiling.

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