Home Moving Tips: Cleaning Bathroom Cabinets

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In your home you want to keep your cabinets looking clean and new especially if you are planning on putting your house on the market and moving sometime in the future. Properly caring for bathroom cabinetry is a little different than bedroom closets or a chest of drawers. The bathroom environment is a little different. Bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces, and much more humid than kitchens or bedrooms. Follow these handy tips to keep your bathroom cabinetry beautiful and lasting.

  1. Small spaces – Bathrooms are not the roomiest of areas in most homes. Be sure that there is ample space around your cabinetry so they don’t get kicked, or bumped by doors or other cabinets..
  2. Water – Water splashing consistently on the same place on a cabinet will eventually wear away the finish and warp the wood. If there are ceiling drips or standing water on the floor, wood will wick this moisture into itself, also creating breakdowns for the cabinet. Be sure to dry cabinets frequently and watch for prolonged water contact.
  3. Spills – There are myriad bathroom hazards that can damage, discolor or etch wooden bathroom cabinetry. Hair dye can permanently stain, hairspray or other aerosols attract dirt and dust; alcohol or acid-based medications or treatments can do damage, too. Be sure to check drawers and under cabinet areas for leaks and spills. You’d be amazed at the hazardous waste puddle that can form from spilled liquid soap!
  4. Stains – Beware of leaving things lying on a cabinet surface that has ink on them, product boxes or the random business card you keep forgetting to take to the office. If left too long, over time you may get a permanent imprint of the picture as it becomes embedded in surface due to moisture and prolonged contact.
  5. Clean – Regular dusting and oiling. Use a soft cloth to clean cabinet surfaces regularly. Dust accumulates very quickly, dulling and micro-scratching surfaces. Go over any intricate leaf or molding with cotton swabs. After dusting, oil cabinets at least once a quarter. Too often is not good for wood; too infrequently will allow water to permeate the wood. For painted or pre-finished cabinets the treatment may be different. Follow manufactures directions for your finish.
  6. Mildew and Mold – You really don’t want this to get into your wood because it takes a lot of work to get it out. (See next blog post!) Keep your wood surfaces clean and dry.
  7. Regular maintenance – Tighten and oil screws, shine handles, spot touch up varnish or staining, replace shelf paper and anything else that gets worn or shabby looking.

Bathroom cabinets are practically indispensable for organizing the necessities of the bath, and for keeping this area beautiful and useful. Treat your cabinetry well and it will serve you for a long, long time and help you with the resale of your home if you do decide to move sometime in the future.

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