4 Reasons You May Need Storage During Your Move

Storage Tips

During your move, it’s helpful to have a company that will provide moving and storage options. All Reasons Moving & Storage provides a 26,000 square-foot storage warehouse where our clients can expect a secure and clean storage area for their needs.

Why Do I Need Storage During My Move?

  1. Your new place isn’t ready yet. Hopefully, the timing of your move and the availability of your new home will align perfectly. However, sometimes things don’t line up perfectly. If your lease ended or you sold your house a few weeks or months before your move-in date, you will need a temporary storage space to keep your belongings.
  2. Sold your home and haven’t bought a new one. There are lots reasons why you would sell your home and not have a new one bought yet and need temporary storage while you look for your next home.
  3. Staging your home. If your putting your house on the market and need to clear out some clutter storage is perfect. You can pack up those things you don’t need and move out some of the larger furniture to open the house up to ensure it shows well during the Open Houses.
  4. One stop shopping with moving company that has storage. You can simplify your move by using a moving company that provides storage services. It will be less stressful to use a company that provides you with everything you will need for your move. If using a moving company with storage it’s a good idea to visit their warehouse. Make sure they really have a warehouse and you know exactly where it is located.

If you need moving & storage for your next move, contact All Reasons Moving & Storage. Your San Jose move will be seamless and stress-free with our quality moving, packing and storage services. Fill out our online form for a free moving estimate or call us at (408) 351-9515 for more information.

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