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Packing Moving Boxes: Time Saving Tips

Follow a few simple steps to speed up your packing process and make unpacking a breeze.Gather the supplies listed and follow the few helpful tips listed here to help stay organized and on track while you are packing your home for moving day. Doing an inventory and being organized means you will always know where to find things should you need to locate something you have already packed, this could be a lifesaver.


Tip #1: Use a stiff piece of cardboard. Punch a hole in corner. String on a pen. Paperclip or staple some pages to cardboard. Label the room you are packing on each piece of paper.


Felt tip marker


Several rolls of packing tape and dispenser. Cutting tape with scissors slows you down.


Lots of various size boxes! Make sure boxes have lids.Tip #2: It’s never to soon to start packing. As soon as you know you will be moving you can start by packing rarely used items, often in the farthest reaches and corners, getting them out of the way.

E. START Packing:

Mark a #1 on top of your clipboard page, detailing what is inside the box. You choose the amount of detail, but enough to remember what’s inside.Tip #3: Fill each box to the top. If there is empty space at the top fill it with paper. A full box means it won’t crush when other boxes are stacked on top.


Bring closure and completion to every box, as it is packed. Close short flaps first, then long flaps. Tape down the seam. If the box is in good shape one piece of tape across the top is enough. These boxes will be stacked be sure they are strong. Press tape down firmly after each pass.


When you are done taping, with your broad tip marker, write which room the items came from (ie., Master Bedroom) then write the box number on the top and sides of the box. Writing the room name and numbering each box expedites unpacking.Following this system – detailing, sealing and numbering each box as you go for each room help you to stay organized and easier to find things when you are unpacking in your new home. At your new home, movers will unload faster, easily identifying where each box belongs.

Starting with the highest number, unpack each box completely. If you won’t be using some things for a while, don’t unpack them. You have each box’s contents detailed whenever you need to find something.

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