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Packing for Storage

When packing for storage the first rule of thumb is everything should be in a box. You want to make sure things can be stacked easily. Boxes should have lids and taped on both bottom and top of the box. Plastic tubs can also be used for packing they are uniform in size and stack nicely inside a storage unit.

Preparing your items for storage

  • Use the proper size boxes. Place heavier items in to smaller boxes to make them easier to lift and bulky lightweight items in larger boxes
  • Fill each box completely to prevent the contents from shifting. Use paper in any open spaces to minimize shifting.
  • Mark each box with the room it came from and number the box. For more packing tips check out our previous blog: Packing Moving Boxes
  • Pack mirrors, pictures, paintings and lamps. Everything should be in a box. A shoebox is not a packing box, smaller boxes should be packed into moving boxes.
  • Drain all water, clean and tape down any moving parts on appliances before storing. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar to prevent mildew
  • Disassemble furniture. (ie., mirrors need to be removed from dressers and packed separately. Beds need to be disassembled). All furniture should be covered with pads to prevent scratching.


Note: Do not put flammable or hazardous substances into storage this includes but is not limited to cleaning supplies, aerosol cans, alcoholic beverages, oil based paint, lacquers, lighter fluid, oil, propane, fire arms and or ammunition. Do not put ANY food in to storage even if it’s un-opened will attract pests.

Storage: There are two different types, Self Storage and vault/container storage. Both are “Do it Yourself”options. With self storage facilities you need to transport everything to the facility. With a container storage like PODS they bring the container to you (for a fee). In both cases you need to know how to load the unit properly to avoid anything getting damaged.

If you choose to hire a moving company the moving company can transport the items to a self storage facility and load the unit for you. PODS were designed for do it your selfers if you are planning on hiring a  moving company to load the container at your home you should talk to a Full-Service Moving Company first about options.  In most cases it’s cheaper to use a full-service mover for storage when you are using their services anyway. Always use a licensed legal mover and visit their facility ahead of time. You can get a good feel for how they will take care of your stuff by checking out their facility.

In our next blog we’ll talk about loading a storage unit or storage vault for those do it your selfers.