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Packing Dishes

When packing dishes and breakables you should always use lots of paper. If you pick up a box and it makes noise you haven’t used enough paper and chances are something is going to break during transportation. Everything will make it safely to it’s destination if it’s packed properly. There are special boxes called dish packs for packing dishes and breakables. These boxes are thicker and sturdier than regular boxes and are the recommended for packing breakables.

Start with the plates–    Crumble some paper and layer the bottom of the box. This helps to cushion the box.–    Wrap each plate in paperTIP:  Always stand plates up inside the box. Laying them flat can cause theplate to crack.–    Make rows with the plates on the bottom of the box. You should be able to get two or three rows on the bottom of a dish pack depending on plate size–    Next layer a few sheets of paper on top of your first row of dishes–    Next layer can be bowls–    Layer a few sheets of paper on top of that row–    Then next layer of cups or glasses and top off with more paper to cushion the top of the box

Think of it like layering a cake–    Paper, Plates, Paper,  Bowls,  Paper,  Cups or glasses

Fill the box to the top. A full box is more sturdy than a partially filled box and makes stacking easier.

Don’t want to pack yourself All Reasons can do it for you! We customize the move to meet your needs so if you just want us to pack the breakables and you do the rest of the packing that’s fine with us. We will do as much or as little as you want.