Helpful Tips Home & Apartment

Helpful Tips Home & Apartment

Packing & Moving can be very stressful. All Reasons has put together some packing tips to help you organize for the move. Unless prior arrangements have been made, you need to be completely packed and ready to move when our trucks arrive. Packing while movers are loading slows the process down and is NOT advisable. Please let us know if you will not be finished packing prior to the movers arrival.

Customers are expected to be present during loading and unloading. You will need to do a walk-through at the end of the load. At the unload location our movers will need direction with furniture placement.

Must be Emptied:

  • Armoires
  • Desks
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Refrigerators: we recommend you put the contents into coolers on the day of the move

Beds: We will disassemble and reassemble these. If mattresses are being stored, you can request mattress bags for an additional charge.

Boxes: The basic rule of thumb, “If it is small enough to fit in a box, put it in one.”

  • Tape tops & bottoms of the boxes. No open top boxes
  • Label the boxes on the sides and top
  • Pack shoe boxes into larger boxes
  • Wrap all breakables in paper, foam, or bubble wrap
  • Pack heavy items into book boxes
  • Do NOT fill large boxes with books or clothes

Carpet: Carpet mask can be provided for an additional charge. One roll is 50 feet.

Couches/Chairs: If they are light in color, we can shrink wrap these items for an additional charge.

Dressers: Can remain full if it can handle its own weight – do not leave a dresser full that is not sturdy. Do NOT pack books, pictures, or breakables in drawers.

End Tables: Small end tables and nightstands can usually stay full. Please remove breakables.

Filing Cabinets:

  • 2 Drawer Files: can stay full
  • Fireproof Files: entire cabinet must be empty
  • Vertical & Lateral Files: entire cabinet must be empty

Flammable Items: We cannot pack or move flammable or hazardous materials.

Garbage Bags: NOT good for packing since they do not stack and are difficult to carry.

Lamps and Shades: Lamp shades MUST be packed in a box. Floor/pole lamps do not travel well. All Reasons will not be responsible or held liable for damage to lamps not packed in boxes.


  • Small Pictures: Wrap in paper and pack in a box
  • Large Pictures: Pack in picture boxes

Paintings: Must be packed in picture boxes or paper pads


  • Small plants- should be put in boxes to keep them from rolling around in the back of the truck
  • Large plants- can be loaded at the end of the truck. If a plant is fragile, do not put it in the moving van, as we cannot guarantee a limb won’t snap off. Breakable plant containers must be packed in boxes. We are not responsible for breakage if they are not packed.

Particle Board Furniture: Furniture that you purchased in a box and assembled in your house was shipped that way for a reason. Under most circumstances they can be safely moved, however All Reasons will not be responsible or held liable for damage in transit to particle board furniture of any kind.

Piano’s: YES! We move pianos everything from a small spinet to a large concert grand. Please let the office know ahead of time so we bring the appropriate equipment.

Stereos, Televisions, and Computers: Will be blanket-wrapped if you don’t have the original boxes. If possible, please have these items unplugged prior to our arrival. If you have a big screen TV (50 inches or larger), please let us know ahead of time.

Wardrobe Boxes: When moving directly from one location to another we will be provided the day of the move for your hanging clothes.

When packing your items, please remember the basic rule of thumb:
“If it is small enough to fit in a box, put it in one”