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Moving Particle Board Furniture

When making your next purchase you might want to think about how often you move.  Moving particle board furniture over and over can weaken the piece making it less sturdy than when you first bought it. Particleboard furniture can be very cost-effective at the time of purchase but tricky to move. Most particleboard furniture comes in a box when purchased and you build it in your home. Furniture purchased in a box was shipped that way for a reason. The company that made it knows it’s safer if shipped disassembled. Under most circumstances, this furniture can be safely moved but it wasn’t made to be moved after being assembled. Damage during transportation happens to particleboard furniture more than any furniture that is made from real wood. Even when taking the time to disassemble and reassemble the piece it doesn’t always go back the same way. It can be less sturdy after being taken apart.

Keep in mind particleboard furniture can usually be moved safely but when the piece is moved over and over it can become weak so it isn’t as sturdy as when it was first purchased. When you are shopping for new furniture ask yourself a few simple questions that may help you decide on what to buy. How long do you need it to last? Is it for temporary use? Are you planning on moving anytime soon? If you are looking for a piece to pass down to your children a desk or dresser you probably don’t want to purchase something made from particleboard.

Do you own a “cost-effective” piece of furniture? What is it? How long have you had it?