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Moving Long Distance?

All Reasons received a referral from a Real Estate agent to a client moving to Florida. We went out and gave a quote for packing & moving. Our quote was $3,000 higher than another company. The customer went with the cheaper mover. We received an email today from the Real Estate Agent reporting back that the “cheaper” company hadn’t included the $3,000 for the actual delivery in Florida and hadn’t included the charge for shipping their car.

The “cheaper” company is now higher than our original estimate.Be careful when scheduling a job for a Long-Distance Move (anything over 100 miles)

Facts about  Distance Moves:– The way distance moving is charged is strictly by weight & mileage. Once the shipment is picked up the company weighs the truck to get the actual weight. That weight will determine your charges.  If an estimator underestimated the weight you will be charged more.– Make sure to read everything.  If you requested packing. Are the charges for packing labor and materials listed? This should be listed separately on your estimate.– Make sure it includes unloading into the home and setting all the beds back up etc.– If you are shipping a car make sure that is listed separately with the appropriate charges.– Always take out additional protection for loss or damage. Do not stick with the standard coverage.

Bottom Line!– Never assume anything, get everything is written. What you are told verbally is not binding– If the estimate is way less than others you’ve received BEWARE.– Always, use a reputable company. Check them out with agencies such as BBB and PUC. A simple thing to do is Google the company name, just to see what pops up.

Everything you own, everything you’ve accumulated in your lifetime is being loaded and shipped across the highways, you want to make sure it gets there safely.  A little due diligence in the beginning will keep you from being sorry at the end.