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Why Cardboard Boxes Are Your Best Packing Option

Are you gearing up for a move? Don’t let the packing process weigh you down. At All Reasons Moving & Storage we’re committed to ensuring your move is smooth and stress free. One burning question we often hear from our customers is: 

Is it better to use cardboard boxes or plastic bins?

Of course a moving company will move plastic totes and bins. We all use them for storing holiday items and other things to stay organized. But when it comes to packing your entire house, All Reasons is an advocate for the use of cardboard boxes, and here’s why: 

Durability – When it comes to safeguarding your belongings, cardboard boxes are champions. Crafted from sturdy corrugated material, they’re engineered for the rigors of transportation. Unlike plastic bins, which can succumb to pressure when overstuffed or stacked, cardboard boxes maintain their integrity, reducing the risk of damage to your possessions and potential injuries to the moving crew.

Environmentally Friendliness – As agents of the environment, we stand by cardboard’s eco-credentials. Unlike plastic, cardboard is inherently biodegradable, meaning it naturally decomposes over time without harming the planet. By opting for cardboard boxes, you’re making a sustainable choice that aligns with our collective responsibility to preserve the environment for future generations.  

Heavy: Filling plastic bins with books, dishes and other items makes them too heavy to move which slows the moving process down and can cause them to crack.  

Post Move Convenience – Once the dust settles post-move, dealing with leftover packing materials can be a headache. Fortunately, cardboard boxes offer a convenient solution. Their collapsible nature makes storage a breeze. Simply flatten them out, tuck them away and voila – space-saving storage at its finest.

Accessibility – Most moving companies have their own boxes available to purchase. And, at All Reasons Moving, we’ve got all your packing needs covered with our range of high-quality boxes. From standard sizes to specialized heavy-duty options, we’ve got the perfect fit for every item. Here’s a glimpse at our standard lineup: 

  1. Dish Pack– Ideal for fragile items like dishes, small appliances, and stemware.  
  2. Mini-Dish – A compact version of its larger counterpart, perfect for streamlined packing.
  3. Small Box (aka Book Box) – Versatile and sturdy, suitable for books, canned goods, and wine bottles.
  4. Medium Box – Designed for clothing and light pantry essentials. 
  5. Large Box – Spacious yet lightweight, ideal for bulky items like bedding and board games. 

We also offer specialized and heavy-duty boxes including: mirror boxes, auto bottoms, wardrobe boxes, lamp boxes, and more.

Thus, cardboard boxes are the superior packing choice and at All Reasons Moving., we wholeheartedly support their use for packing your household belongings. 


Whatever the reason, All Reasons Moving & Storage has storage ready and waiting. Contact us at (408)240-0244 for more information.