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Moving Company Storage vs Self-Storage

When it comes to storing your valuable possessions, making the right choice is crucial. While self-storage facilities may seem like a convenient option, opting for a moving company’s climate-controlled, secure, and clean storage may be the better choice.

6 benefits of choosing a moving company for your storage needs:

  1. Climate Control: Climate-controlled storage protects your belongings from temperature fluctuations, humidity, and moisture, preventing damage to items such as electronics, antiques, furniture, artwork, and documents.

  2. Protection: Moving companies blanket wrap items during the move and while in storage, ensuring their safety. Self-storage may require additional costs for protective materials or leave items unprotected.

  3. Security: Reputable moving companies place items in secure vaults and have 24/7 surveillance and alarm systems, while self- storage units may lack individual unit security, increasing the risk of theft.

  4. Clean and Maintained: Moving company facilities are regularly cleaned and maintained to prevent pests and maintain high cleanliness standards. Self-storage units may face challenges with rodents and insects due to neighboring units.

  5. Customizable: Moving companies offer flexible storage solutions, accommodating your specific needs for long or short-term storage. You only pay for the space used, as items are placed in vaults that can be adjusted as needed.

  6. Convenience: Choosing a moving company with storage eliminates the need for separate storage arrangements. They can handle both your move and storage needs, simplifying the process with a single phone call.


WARNING: While we pride ourselves on maintaining clean and organized warehouses at All Reasons Moving, not all companies operate the same way. When visiting a moving or storage company, ensure they meet the following criteria:

  1. Verify the presence of a warehouse, as some may store items in self-storage facilities.

  2. Assess cleanliness and organization, ensuring items are stored in vaults rather than on the warehouse floor.

  3. Confirm that storage vaults are kept inside the warehouse, protected from the elements.

  4. Observe their equipment to gauge how they treat items and anticipate their level of care.

  5. Check the overall cleanliness of the warehouse to ensure tidiness and cleanliness.

By considering these factors and choosing a reputable moving company with secure, clean, and well-maintained storage facilities, you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in capable hands.


Over 45,000 sq ft of alarmed, clean secure warehouse space

As a Full Service Moving Company we offer storage and have over 45,000sq ft of alarmed, clean secure warehouse space. We are very proud of our warehouse and have created this video to show you around a bit. You are always welcome to come visit the warehouse in person but hopefully this helps you get a feel for where and how your items will be stored at our facility.

Contact us online or give us a call at (408) 240-0244 for more information about our dedicated warehouse for keeping your valuables securely guarded.