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Smart Home Technology—Things to Consider

smart home considerations

The tech world for smart home products is dynamic with new products being released often. This makes it difficult to stay up on all the latest trends and product ratings. A smart home is defined as a home equipped with lighting, heating and electronics that can be controlled remotely by phone or computer. First, here […]

Packing for Storage

When packing for storage the first rule of thumb is everything should be in a box. You want to make sure things can be stacked easily. Boxes should have lids and taped on both bottom and top of the box. Plastic tubs can also be used for packing they are uniform in size and stack […]

Packing & Moving Perishables

We get calls all the time asking what to do with food when moving. Yes, the refrigerator needs to be emptied. It will be tipped and everything inside will slide around and could break and or break the shelves. The refrigerator cannot be moved fully stocked. When the movers arrive they will start loading the […]

Packing Moving Boxes: Time Saving Tips

Follow a few simple steps to speed up your packing process and make unpacking a breeze.Gather the supplies listed and follow the few helpful tips listed here to help stay organized and on track while you are packing your home for moving day. Doing an inventory and being organized means you will always know where […]

Packing Dishes

When packing dishes and breakables you should always use lots of paper. If you pick up a box and it makes noise you haven’t used enough paper and chances are something is going to break during transportation. Everything will make it safely to it’s destination if it’s packed properly. There are special boxes called dish packs for […]