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Why Cardboard Boxes Are Your Best Packing Option

Are you gearing up for a move? Don’t let the packing process weigh you down. At All Reasons Moving & Storage we’re committed to ensuring your move is smooth and stress free. One burning question we often hear from our customers is:  Is it better to use cardboard boxes or plastic bins? Of course a […]

Navigating Moving Expenses: Where to Spend and Where to Save

Moving to a new home marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, but also comes with a barrage of expenses. To ensure a smooth transition without breaking the bank, it’s crucial to prioritize your spending. Here’s a guide you may find helpful.   Where to Spend: Professional Movers: While it might be tempting to try to […]

Moving Particle Board Furniture

When making your next purchase you might want to think about how often you move.  Moving particle board furniture over and over can weaken the piece making it less sturdy than when you first bought it. Particleboard furniture can be very cost-effective at the time of purchase but tricky to move. Most particleboard furniture comes […]

Packing & Moving Perishables

We get calls all the time asking what to do with food when moving. Yes, the refrigerator needs to be emptied. It will be tipped and everything inside will slide around and could break and or break the shelves. The refrigerator cannot be moved fully stocked. When the movers arrive they will start loading the […]

Packing Dishes

When packing dishes and breakables you should always use lots of paper. If you pick up a box and it makes noise you haven’t used enough paper and chances are something is going to break during transportation. Everything will make it safely to it’s destination if it’s packed properly. There are special boxes called dish packs for […]

Tips for An Office Move

Lots of things affect whether you have a smooth office move or not. Prior planning is crucial. Choosing the right professional office moving company will help ensure a seamless moving experience. Here are six tips on how to make your office move successful and choose the right moving company for your business.   COMPANY CONTACT: Ideally, you or […]

Silicon Valley Moving and Storage

In Silicon Valley when moving into Storage at a professional facility your items are placed in what is called a Vault. A vault is a wooden box measuring approximately 8 x 7.5 x 5.5 feet. Your items are picked up at your home or office inventoried, disassembled, blanket wrapped and brought into the warehouse and placed into the wooden […]

Why You Should Always Do a Final Walkthrough When Moving Out

Moving can be an incredibly time-consuming and emotional event — especially if you have lived in the same apartment or house for many years. In the midst of that emotion, it can be difficult to keep track of everything, the status of the property, and how that property will be protected after you leave. Fortunately, […]