Moving? Create a Punch List

As a professional moving company, our business is closely tied to the real estate market, and the successful buying and selling of homes. Although our specialty is home moving, we aim to provide added value by providing helpful tips to help you succeed in marketing your home. In previous blogs we outlined many things you… [Continue Reading…]

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#4: Moving Because of Mold

Moving Companies are hired every day for all kinds of reasons. Mold is one of the projects where we are hired to pack certain rooms or even an entire home so contractors can treat for mold. Mold can be very dangerous to your health especially for young children, people with allergies, asthma or the elderly.… [Continue Reading…]

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Passing along a Quality Referral

We received a phone call from a potential client wanting an estimate. During the course of the conversation she said  “My husband is a Real Estate Agent and he has a moving company he refers to his clients but this OUR stuff moving and I want someone better!” I would think as an Agent he… [Continue Reading…]

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