Moving Tips: How To Pack Wine for Moving

Moving Tip: If you’re moving locally in San Jose you don’t need a special wine box to pack wine when moving a short distance, just use a book box. The special boxes are expensive. Moving tip: We do recommend special boxes if you are moving cross country. Those boxes have Styrofoam inserts to help protect against… [Continue Reading…]

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Moving Tips: Packing & Moving Food

You’re packing & moving! Now is a good time to check the expiration date on food you have stored. You might be amazed at what has already expired in your refrigerator and cupboards. Moving Tip: Here are some guidelines to help you check those dates and throw out those items that are past their shelf… [Continue Reading…]

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Packing & Moving Perishables

We get calls all the time asking what to do with food when moving. Yes, the refrigerator needs to be emptied. It will be tipped and everything inside will slide around and could break and or break the shelves. The refrigerator cannot be moved full. When the movers arrive they will start loading the bedrooms… [Continue Reading…]

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