Passage of AB 2118 Protects Consumers & Professional Moving Companies

We always try to provide up to date news relating to consumer protection when it comes to using moving companies. Sadly, there are still those who will take advantage of the unsuspecting consumer during an emotional and stressful time such as moving. There are so called “moving companies” out there that lure customers with enticingly… [Continue Reading…]

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Only Hire Legal Moving Company – Don’t get Ripped off!

Would you hire an unlicensed contractor to build your dream house? Would you let an unlicensed dentist work on your mouth? Would you invite someone into your home you don’t know, that doesn’t have a license, no insurance. Someone that is going to remove everything you own and drive away? How often do you invite… [Continue Reading…]

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Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

When decorating for the Holiday’s of course everyone wants their home to be festive and beautiful but remember to keep safety in mind. There are many house fires every year during the Holiday Season due to faulty lighting, trees too close to the fire place and candles placed too close to other decorations. A little… [Continue Reading…]

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Moving Plants

Main concerns when moving plants are: not to kill them and are you legally and logistically allowed to transport them. Plant lovers, don’t despair— you don’t necessarily have to leave precious houseplants behind! When moving plants, follow these tips to ensure their safe arrival. But first, a few caveats. States regulate importation of plants and… [Continue Reading…]

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Hiring a Moving Company & Insurance Requirements

In California consumers may request to see evidence of workers’ compensation coverage before they engage a moving company. Consumers can be liable for any work-related injury occurring on their property to an employee of an uninsured employee of a moving company. In this situation they can find themselves with no coverage under their homeowner’s or… [Continue Reading…]

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ProMover Certified

All Reasons Moving is proud to announce we are now a Certified ProMover. To qualify as a ProMover, movers must pass a rigorous review of business standards and past conduct and agree to abide by the AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) and CMSA (California Moving and Storage Association) Code of Ethics. The AMSA and… [Continue Reading…]

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