Jesse James & All Reasons Moving

Jesse James giving All Reasons Moving a thumbs up to show his support for how hard our guys work.  The building in the picture is Jesse’s warehouse and just after taking this picture the guys went to lunch at Cisco Burger, Jesse’s restaurant located at 620 W. Anaheim Street, Long Beach, CA. Great place to… [Continue Reading…]

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Moving Companies Internet Scams

Make sure the company is a legitimate company with a physical address. We received a phone call from a Law Enforcement Agency in Las Vegas telling us a Moving Company was operating illegally and using our License Number. They gave us the company’s name and web address so we looked it up only to find… [Continue Reading…]

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What is a Local Move?

The PUC (Public Utilities Commission) classifies a Local Move as anything under 100 miles. If you are moving locally you will be charged by the hour. Rates are based on how many men are needed for your move and time is calculated in the following way for residential moves (commercial/office moves are calculated differently). –… [Continue Reading…]

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Suspend AB32 Legislation

In these economic times there is yet another bill that is going to kill more businesses and cost consumers billions. AB32 is a California Legislative bill that is being implemented right now. Economic experts project this bill will kill more businesses in our state and cost over a MILLION MORE JOBS and substantially add to… [Continue Reading…]

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Holiday Alert! Storage Containers Not Safe!

Doing a project on your home and need to remove the furniture? A lot of people look to companies that deliver storage containers to your home. These companies advertise that the containers can be left on-site during the project. Beware! This is not safe! If there is a container in a driveway a thief knows… [Continue Reading…]

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San Jose Moving Company In the News

Whenever you hear a news report about a San Jose Moving Company it is always about a consumer getting “ripped off”.  Channel 11 recently aired a report of this type on October 26th 2009 at 11PM. In this report they interviewed a woman that said she received a quote from a San Jose moving company for $1060.00 to… [Continue Reading…]

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