Self Storage Security

1 in every 10 households rents a storage. How safe are the Self Storage Facilities? There have been many reports on the news about break-in’s at these facilities. There are self storage facilities that are safe and have adequate security but they are not all the same. Be smart! don’t just base your decision on… [Continue Reading…]

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Moving Companies in the Bay Area – How do they Charge?

Moving Companies in the Bay Area are regulated and licensed by the PUC (Public Utilities Commission). The PUC requires moving companies to charge by the hour for moves under 100 miles. Moves over 100 miles are charged by weight of the shipment. The PUC also makes sure moving companies carry the proper insurance (General Liability,… [Continue Reading…]

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Moving Tips: How To Pack Wine for Moving

Moving Tip: If you’re moving locally in San Jose you don’t need a special wine box to pack wine when moving a short distance, just use a book box. The special boxes are expensive. Moving tip: We do recommend special boxes if you are moving cross country. Those boxes have Styrofoam inserts to help protect against… [Continue Reading…]

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#4: Moving Because of Mold

Moving Companies are hired every day for all kinds of reasons. Mold is one of the projects where we are hired to pack certain rooms or even an entire home so contractors can treat for mold. Mold can be very dangerous to your health especially for young children, people with allergies, asthma or the elderly.… [Continue Reading…]

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San Jose Moving Company In the News

KTVU Channel 2 aired a report on November 18th about yet another San Jose moving company in the Bay Area that has shut their doors leaving consumers hanging. The consumer in the report said he picked Stevens Moving & Storage because they had the best rates. For full article go to: KTVU Channel 2 Don’t… [Continue Reading…]

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Truck Accidents

Moving Companies, Freight Forwarders and other transportation companies carry everything from Household Goods to Heavy Equipment and even Chickens. Truck drivers are on the road many hours a day and most of them are extremely good drivers and have learned to drive defensively. Passenger vehicle’s NOT truck drivers are the cause of 70% of all… [Continue Reading…]

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