Moving – Creating Quiet Space Outdoors

Moving to a new home or apartment?  There is lots to do with setting up the inside of the house to make things cozy. Lots of boxes to unpack and things to do. Plan your outdoor space, maybe create a charming retreat to sit and relax in the California sun. If you are planning dinner… [Continue Reading…]

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Upgrading PC – Back to School Sales

Welcome to Bay Area Gadgets’ “All Things Digital” blog post, created exclusively for All Reasons Moving. This contribution recommends using the August Back To School sales for upgrading all your PCs, not just those for returning students, at the best prices of the year.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to Macs as Apple continually increases market… [Continue Reading…]

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Locating Digital Files

Ever find yourself struggling to locate files, pictures, and emails on your PC?  The more we become Digital Pack Rats, the more difficult it is to put our hands on needed items quickly.  Windows Vista has a fairly good search function but there’s no way to have search results for photos, emails, and documents appear… [Continue Reading…]

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Setting the Stage

Bay Area Gadgets is pleased to launch its Technology Corner column for All Reasons Moving.  Many of you already receive my own newsletter so the content for here will be unique.  I’ll provide common sense information about the technology we use and will purchase from Home Office to Home Entertainment to Mobile Phones and Music… [Continue Reading…]

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