Moving – Creating Quiet Space Outdoors

Moving to a new home or apartment?  There is lots to do with setting up the inside of the house to make things cozy. Lots of boxes to unpack and things to do. Plan your outdoor space, maybe create a charming retreat to sit and relax in the California sun. If you are planning dinner… [Continue Reading…]

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Moving Decorate Your New Entryway

Moving to a new home or apartment. If your new space has an entrance hall or foyer, make the most of it. First impressions count! Emphasize your style Here you can lay on the drama, or showcase your quirks. Paint the hall table a bright color and display your collection of cartoon art or elephants.… [Continue Reading…]

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Moving – Setting Up Your Rooms

Moving to a new home or apartment and you are needing to make the most of your new space, be sure to set up your rooms for maximum use. Find a focal point Place your furniture facing a focal point. This could be the view from a window or perhaps the fireplace. Functionality Make sure… [Continue Reading…]

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